Upgrade model of HAWKEYE8000
Optimized for electronics assemblies

HAWKEYE9000 model is upgraded to further enhance the performance of the model. It is equipped with image reading software developed by Techvalley as an inspection device optimized for tablet PC inspection. We can inspect X-ray in real time and quickly and easily save and analyze the acquired images. This allows you to automatically detect the inside of the tablet PC and check for defects. As the performance of the existing HAWKEYE8000 model has evolved further, it is the inspection part which improved the core parts and performance of the main parts and the cooling device for maintenance of the inspection equipment.

Mobile Parts

Camera Module



– Optimized of precision electronics assemblies

– Real-time X-ray inspection image acquisition

– Improvement model of major parts & core parts

– Maximize work convenience by touch screen

– Approved product of Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety

Tube Voltage 160kV
Focal Spot
Inspection Area
Dimension (mm)
(W x D x H)
1,250 x 1,600 x 1,450
Weight 1,150Kg