First in-line Media-ball inspection system in Korea
Automated marking and extraction function

HAWKEYE1600/1600K models are dedicated equipment for in-line media ball inspection developed by Techvalley for the first time in Korea. The inspection equipment can automatically classify and store the inspection image of the sample in the in-line state without any operation of the user, and it can automatically detect the sample and can automatically implement the marking and extraction of the sample . It is die-casting, professional inspection equipment which is optimized especially for the inspection of media ball, knuckle, lower control arm, etc. It can be used in the line dealing with automobile parts and aircraft parts.

Die Casting

ECU Board

– Optimized for Media-ball

– Automated image saving & sorting

– Apply full automated software

– Function for automated marking

– Automated data sorting (OK/NG)

Tube Voltage 160kV
Detector Semiconductor Type
Inspection Algorithm Self Learning Type
Demention (mm)
(W x D x H)
1600 : 1,250 x 1,600 x 1,450
1600K : Custom Make
Weight 1600 : 1,550kg
1600K : Custom Make