Hanwha SM485P


Smart Hybrid Mounter

The SM485P mounter is a multi-functional hybrid mounter that can quickly and reliably place various insert components and odd-type components in addition to SMD components

Reliable Insertion & Verification Solutions

LASER Light.

  • Allows accurate recognition of a lead pin using 4-directional lighting

Lead Coplanarity Inspection (Option) *

  • Checks for a bent lead using a laser beam to detect defective component.

Back Light (Option)

  • Recognizes irregularly reflecting and semi-transparent components accurately.

Force Control

  • Possible to set the placement force by component. (0.5 ~ 50N)
  • Applicable to a component and process that needs to be pressed. (e.g. : Clip type lead pin, simple assembly, etc.)

Height Sensor (Option)

  • After placing a component, measures the height of the placed component to detect a placement error.

PBI(Post Bonding Inspection) (Option)

  • After placing a shield can, inspects its placement status to detect a placement error using the machine vision system without a separate inspection device.

Convenience & Easy Operation

Easy Component Registration

A Drag & Drop component registration system, allowing registration of component information through automatic recognition and rotation by simplyclicking the mouse.

Panorama View Function

Since large-sized components are not viewed in one screen, it is hard to adjust their pickup or placement positions. In order to remove such inconvenience, the panorama view function is added to allow large components to be viewed within the FOV of a camera.

Multi-Vendor Component Management Function

When the same components are supplied from different component supply devices, this function allows components to be used without changing a PCB file and downloading a new PCB file.

Progressive Production Function

Divides a PCB file into two. Once the placement for the first PCB file is completed, placement for the second PCB file is performed after replacing the docking cart.

Component Coverage & Various Feeder Solution

Tape Reel Feeder

Tape Feeder (SMD, Odd-type Components)

Radial/Axial Feeder * (Auto-Inserted Components)

Label Feeder ** (Sticker)

* Since this is under development, it will be available for a radial feeder in September 2017 and an axial feeder in February 2018.
** Since its specifications require a special order, professional advice and recommendations are required.

Tray Feeder

Multi-staged Tray Feeder

Single Tray Feeder

Stick Feeder

Multi Stick Feeder (Vibration)

Stack Stick Feeder (Vibration)

Stack Stick Feeder (None Vibration)

Bulk Feeder (Bowl Feeder)

2-Staged Bowl Feeder

3-Staged Bowl Feeder