FPD Fully automatic dispensing machine for LCD MLC-6500

We realize 300mm/sec Highway seal drawing of compared to our conventional products 3 times

・High speed, high precision can perform seal dispensing to large-scale Substrate.
・Large improvement of productivity is realized by high-definition drawing of Fastest in the world, high stability.
・It is equipped with automatic non-contact gap controlling mechanism.
・It carries nozzle clearance automatic setup function.
・World Fastest Dispensing Cut-Off System.
・Dispensing to glass edge face is possible.
・It is improved operability by touch panel and unification of image monitor.

Model MLC-6500
Dispensing use Panel seal
Panel size Various panel size correspondence
Data entry method It embeds dispensing programing software
Clearance revision function Automatic non-contact gap control
Nozzle clearance automatic setup function Standard Equipped
High-speed dispensing sectional measurement function Standard Equipped
Dispense system High-speed mechanical method
Weight 15,000 kg (G6 size)