FaultFinder VIP

Diagnosys FaultFinder VIP: Rapid troubleshooting of PCBs in a portable unit for fault finding in and out of the workshop

The compact and portable Faultfinder VIP system, combined with a Laptop running TestVue software, provides a way to rapidly identify failures by troubleshooting a PCB or CCA. It uses impedance signatures (also known as VI testing) measured from a known working circuit and stores them as a test program. These stored signatures are then compared to the ones being measured on the suspect circuit to automatically determine if there is a fault.

The technique does not require any knowledge of the function of the circuit and is a power-off test technique. It is therefore a safe and rapid way to test a circuit when there is no test information available.

The FaultFinder VIP performs exactly where you need it: in the lab, in the repair center or even in the field. Simply connect the unit to a local PC, laptop or network via a USB 2.0 connection and you have a small compact, network capable test system with 192 channels.

Finding PCB faults quickly, when speed is imperative, FaultFinder test program software guides you to the exact point of failure, utilizing impedance signature analysis, FaultFinder provides a completely safe method of test for newly manufactured or in-service boards.

Featuring a comprehensive Auto Learn process, test programs are generated in minutes. Simply select the node to be learnt and FaultFinder automatically selects the best voltage and frequency test waveforms for optimum results, storing these signatures for comparison, or as part of a simple automatic test program

The FaultFinder VIP provides:

  • 2 VI Channels plus Common / 2 Pulse Channels plus Common
  • 96 channels as standard and can be extended to 192 channels as an option
  • USB 2.0 communication
  • 256 point, 8 bit Comparison architecture
  • Fully flexible inter-pin shorting algorithms
  • Pulse mode for gate fired devices