Electronic clean

Electronic cleaning and defluxing

Electronics is one of the activities with the highest requirements for reliability.

Ensuring and maintaining a high-quality performance of parts containing all or part of printed circuits, LED is a challenge for any industrialist in this sector concerned about its good profitability. Equally important is the management and preventive and curative maintenance of production equipment.

Thus, Inventec considers the various normative requirements (IPC, ISO …), proposes solutions adapted and respectful of regulatory texts, (Reach, RoHS …) and takes into account the problems and the evolution of the technologies like:

  • Miniaturization, stand off, sensitivity to liquids for components.
  • Improve adhesion (coating, potting, underfill)
  • Avoid electrochemical migration, ionic contamination
  • Bonding improvement
  • Compatibility with pre-charged equipment
  • Microwaves technology
  • No Clean technology difficult to clean