EAGLE 3D 8800 TW


3D Automated Optical Inspection system
Top/Bottom Double Sided simultaneous inspection

PEMTRON’s new head type has been upgraded from the existing head
for 3D formation that is identical to the real image and is more stable
based on the accumulated technology for decades.

3D Measurements Free from Shadows and Reflections

  • The EAGLE 3D 8800 AOI uses 8-way projection for 3D measurements on all models to minimize errors due to shadow effects, and performs 100% 2D & 3D concurrently in all FOV areas.
  • This significantly reduces the false call while providing near-perfect detection.

Accurate and convenient inspection using side camera

Four high-definition cameras on the side and a dedicated algorithm optimized for both use and side inspection is available for real-time inspection.

  • 4-Way Side Camera (Optional)
  • Internal bridge detection not found in Top Camera
  • Connector internal detectable
  • Convenient Teaching Using Existing Algorithm

27 mm high part 3D measurement/inspection

EAGLE 3D AOI offers the option of inspecting up to 27 mm in height components with a unique PEMTRON technology.

▶ Simple Head Composition
– More Space, Convenient Maintenance, Easy Assembly and Setting
▶ Improved Repeatability
– Accurate 3D makes repeatability more reliable.
▶ Advanced High-Speed Inspection and Measurement Technology
– Simultaneous Inspection Algorithm (2D and 3D)
– Telecentric Lens for optimal accuracy
▶ Lean & Efficient full line control capability
▶ Proven for world’s best 3D-imaging quality
▶ Absolutely world’s most innovative & flexible solutions
▶ Unique 3D technology not found anywhere else
▶ 4-Way side cameras (Optional)
– Possible to detect inside the connector
▶ Convenient Teaching by using the existing Algorithm