Possibility to coat arbitrary line pattern and point coating by program change

Dispenser Unit
(KTM series)

  • This equipment draws organic materials such as peripheral sealing material, silver paste, OCR and dam material on the substrate
  • Depending on usage and material viscosity, it’s possible to choose air feeding system or mechanical feeding system
  • Coating Use: Lines & Dots
  • Applicable Material Viscosity: 1,000~100,000cps
  • Printing Thickness: Liquid Crystal Seal Material
Item Specification
Control System PLC
Dimension of compatible workpiece 4~15 inch
Fixation method of workpiece Suction in vacuum
Compatible viscosity of resin 3000~100,000mPa・s
Resin feeding method Mechanical pump
Precision of dispense pump ±0.015ml
Thickness of dispensed resin 75~800μm
Precision of positioning (X/Y axis) ±0.01㎜
Precision of positioning (Z axis) ±0.01㎜

Dispensing Dam & Fill

Process Flow


Item Specification
Product Work Work Type: ①CG(w/ TP, w/oTP), ②Display(Open-Cell) Size: 7 -14 (aspect ratio 2:1) inch
OCR Thickness 100~300μm
Accuracy of OCR Thicknes Acceptance test condition:300μm
thickness accuracy
OCR:100~149um +/-15um
OCR:150~300um +/-10%
Accuracy of Alignment +/-200μm (Auto alignment)
Tact Time 55 sec >Tact time may change with process condition caused by the product
Machine Control By PLC
Size of Equipment 2,600mmW×10,500mmL×2,200mmH