Diaphram valve DCV-2/DCV-3

It is most suitable for low viscosity, small amount dispense of anaerobic liquid materials

・Diaphram valve which is suitable in small amount dispense of low viscosity liquid materials.
・All the wetted part is made of fluoric resin, and small amount dispense of corrosive high liquid materials is possible.
・Stroke adjusting mechanism (vernier dial type) type is line-up, too. (DCV-2N, DCV-3N)

  Electromagnetic expression Electromagnetic expression
With stroke adjustment
Air pressure type Air pressure type
With stroke adjustment
The smallest dispensing volume 10μl
Adaptation viscosity … 1Pa, s
Adaptation liquid material Low viscosity liquid materials such as solvent, medicinal solution
Operation air Supply pressure is 0.3 – 0.6MPa
Liquid material Supply pressure range Up to 0.2MPa Up to 0.5MPa
Connection diameter Liquid material supply port M6
Liquid material discharge opening M6
Operation air Coupling for Internal diameter Φ 4 tube
Operating temperature limits 0~80 degrees Celsius -5~80 degrees Celsius
Wetted part material Fluoric resin
Weight 130 g 140 g 120 g 140 g

Note: 1.As coupling for diaphragm valve becomes other selling, please refer to our sales department.