The QX600™ is designed with an all-new SIM (Strobed Inspection Module) with enhanced illumination – delivering the best 01005 and solder joint inspection performance ever.

With a higher sensor resolution (12 µm), you get to see crisp, perfect quality images for more accurate defect review.

QX600 is equipped with SAM (Statistical Appearance Modeling) vision technology to give you the power to inspect ‘anything’ while keeping programming extremely simple – no algorithms to tune or parameters to adjust. SAM works in perfect harmony with AI² (Autonomous Image Interpretation) technology to enable fast programming and reliable discrimination against defects.

  • All-new SIM (Strobed Inspection Module) with Enhanced Illumination
  • Higher Resolution (12 µm) for perfect, crisp quality images
  • Production Ready in <13 minutes* with AI²
  • 01005 Inspection Capability
  • Improved Solder Joint and Gold Finger Inspection
  • Lowest False Call Rate and Zero Escapes
    *for pre-defined parts
Specifications QX600™ QX600-L™
Board Width 50 x 308 mm 50 x 590 mm
Board Length 50 x 457 mm 50 x 510 mm
Resolution 12µm pixel size
Inspection Speed 200cm²/sec