Coating valve CV-10

Substrate coating of Moisture proof is realized high speed widely

・We realize uniform coating dispensing.
There is not scattering, edge and edge face neatly
・By low flow quantity design, film dispensing is possible.
・It carries exclusive nozzle and applies extensive film formation
We realize this.
・It is stroked valve by micrometer calipers Equipped
Number management is possible of this.

Moisture proof coating dispensing to Substrate

Model CV-10-2P-1N CV-10-2P-1N-N6
Drive system Air operation rate type
Available viscosity range ~100mPa・s
Operation air pressure 0.35~0.5MPa
Maximum Fluid feed pressure 0.5MPa
Connection diameter Liquid entrance PT1/8 φ 6 X φ 4 Fluid feed coupling
Liquid discharge opening Exclusive nozzle
Air operation port External diameter φ 4 one-touch coupling (with speed controller)
Operating temperature limits 5~60 degrees Celsius
Weight 240 g 267 g
Wetted part material Polyacetal, fluoric resin, SUS, ceramic