Curing Cabinet

Curing Cabinet XSC-600-CC

The drying & Storage of Moisture Sensitive Devices is getting more and more important.

Removing and or preventing moisture in components ensures stability during the reflow process.

Constant & Accurate Control down to 1% Rh from Ambient.

Features of Cabinet
UV Light
Capacity 2 x 15W
Type Blb Black Light Blue
Control Manual
Capacity 0,47A / 53W
Control Manual
Capacity 2 x 600W
Heating Type Electrical, Heating Elements and Fans
Insulation Material
Elastomeric Rubber Foam, Thermal Conductivity <0,036
Control Automatic
Automatic Door Lock (Optional)
Number of Locks 1 Lock Each Door
Lock Type Solenoid Controlled, Open Locked Status Monitoring
Control Access Code Used As Password
Shelve Capacity
Material Stainless Steel
Max/ Cabinet 21
Minimum Shelf Height 60mm
Easy with Shelf Holder Parts, No Tools Required
Customized Storage Options(Depends on Customers’ Requirement)
Sliding Drawers
Sliding Feeder Holders
Alarm Light Bar (Optional)
Type Buzzer and Two Colored Lights, Magnetic Base
Buzzer Noise Level 70 dB (A)
Light Type and Colors Yellow and red, 12 V, 5 W lamps
Shape and Visibility Cylindrical, 360° View
Easy Attachable With Magnetic Base Plate, Built-In Screw
Connection 4-Pin XLR Connector Behind Cabinet

External Dimensions (WxHxD) 606 x 1990 x 875 mm
Internal Dimensions (WxHxD)Non
604 x 1654 x 630 mm
Internal Dimensions (WxHxD)Isolated 584 x 1634 x 630 mm
Net Volume Non Isolated 625 lt
Net Volume Isolated 600 lt
Weight (Depends on Configuration) 134 kg
Max. Load Capacity of a Shelf 50 Kg
Height from Ground 30 mm
Body Material
Electrostatic Painted Steel (AISI 430), Stainless Steel
Interior Panel (AISI 430)
Door Glass 24 mm Insulating Thermal Glass
Shelves & Drawers Stainless Steel (5 pcs.)