Diagnosys CRS8000: Safe removal of Conformal Coating with a self-contained, chemical-free benchtop workstation

The CRS8000 is a self-contained, chemical-free benchtop workstation designed for removing protective coatings from PCBs, electronic assemblies and devices. CRS8000 endeavors to provide the safest and most practical way to effectively remove conformal coatings. All the necessary safety features required for both the operator and the PCB are designed into the workstation.

The CRS 8000 Coating Removal System is a self-contained, benchtop workstation designed for the safe removal of conformal coatings from printed circuit boards and electronic devices. It uses a bead blasting technique in a clean and deionized air stream. It is electro-static discharge (ESD) safe and chemical free. The work area is brightly illuminated with both white and UV lights, which is user selectable.

The workstation is statically controlled to ensure the protection of components on printed circuit boards during the stripping process. This is achieved by incorporating a state of- the-art in-line air/nitrogen ionizer with auto-balancing.

A special thermo-set acrylic plastic media is formulated to be as ESD safe as technically possible. When the media is mixed with the ionized air you will get typical ESD readings in the single digits.

Ionized air is also fed through a manifold just above the arm-holes in the front of the unit. This floods the entire work-chamber with ionized air, eliminating any possible static build-up and neutralizes any ambient air that might enter the work-chamber.

This ensures that all elements in the work chamber (i.e. inside surfaces, nozzle, viewing hood, lights, gloves, media, printed circuit board and operator) are at the same ground potential. The work chamber is also fitted with a static resistant mat connected to a terminal post inside the work chamber.

  • Removes the risks associated with hazardous chemical storage, disposal and clean up
  • Avoids environmental issues
  • Meeting government and EPA directives for chemical-free cleaning
  • Removes concerns about the repeated exposure of your employees to hazardous chemicals
  • ESD safe environment
  • Avoids etching issues on printed circuit boards
Multi-coating Removal
  • Urethane
  • Parylene
  • Epoxy
  • Silicone
  • Acrylic

CRS8000 will selectively strip a component or an entire board with no PCB contamination.

  • A single test node
  • An axial lead component
  • Through hole ICs
  • A surface mount component
  • An entire printed circuit board