Conexis Coating

Conexis Coating Applicators

The Conexis Coating Applicators – which include the DD-5130 Needle Valve, the DD-5140 Narrow Beam Spray Valve, and the DD-5150 Airless Curtain Valve provide a variety of solutions to meet specific application requirements.

DD-5130 Conexis Coating ApplicatorDD-5130 Needle Valve

The DD-5130 is a stainless steel, high pressure, front closing needle valve. One of the unique features is the high flow rate at high viscosity materials and the fast cycle time. The volume can be controlled through the time the valve is opened and how far it is opened. An internal micrometer adjust allows you exactly to set the opening of the valve.

Shot size from 0.003 ml, low volume. Max. viscosity 1,000,000 cps.

DD-5140 Conexis Coating ApplicatorDD-5140 Narrow Beam Spray Valve

The DD-5140 is a round spray valve designed for selective conformal coating with utility for a variety of applications. Once the valve is set at a certain width it will apply the material in a path with defined sharp edges making it possible to apply coating exactly there where it is needed while at the same time restricted areas are kept free of coating material.

Spray diameter: 5 to 15 mm. Max. viscosity 5000 cps.

DD-5150 Conexis Coating ApplicatorDD-5150 Airless Curtain Valve

The DD-5150 curtain valve applies conformal coating material in a controlled, uniform film rather than atomized spray. Material is directed under low pressure through the special designed and pre-centered ceramic nozzle. Using this dispensing technology provides an automated, selective application of conformal coating materials.

Thicknesses range from 0.013mm to 0.2mm for solvent-based material and 0.1mm to 0.2mm for 100% solids materials. Max. viscosity 100 cps.

These applicators are used exclusively with the Conexis CX-3040 Conformal Coating System