Guided assembly that tests while you build.

Connect multiple Cirris CR testers together for complex assemblies with thousands of points. The system supports guided assembly with on-screen connector images highlighitng proper cavity positions, guidance LEDs on the assembly board, and immediate graphical and audible feedback to catch errors as they occur.

Compact Tester

  • Up to 32,000 test points (256 pts/box)
  • Base unit weighs less than 3 lbs
  • “Daisy-chain” architecture reduces length and complexity of interface cabling
  • User-selectable pass/fail resistance thresholds from 0.1 Ω to 500 kΩ.
  • Tests resistors, diodes, and capacitors.
  • 4-Wire “Kelvin” testing capable
  • Versatile Test Modes
    • Sequential build/test
    • Random build/test
    • Single test
    • Continuous test


  • Step-by-step process with graphical prompts through Cirris Easy-Wire™ software
  • On-screen graphical representation of connectors and blinking LEDs
  • Select a graphic connector from a library of over 270 connectors
  • Create connector details to store for use in multiple test programs
  • Instructions can be learned from a sample product, imported from wire list data, or imported manually

Guided Assembly

  • Smart-Lights capable
  • Audible and Visual Results
  • During guided harness assembly an audible tone sounds each time a connection is made.
  • LED Guided Assembly
    • Each LED is driven by 2 regular test points and no special electronics are required.
    • Green blinking LEDs indicate the next two points to be terminated.
    • Red blinking LEDs indicate a miswired connection.

Easy-Wire Software

  • Req. w/each base unit.

CR Scanner Ad On

  • 256 test points

Booster Add On

  • One needed for every 7 scanner add ons

Virtual I/O Software for Easy-Wire

Server Software (up to 5 testers)

  • Share one database with many different test stations

Performance Verfication

  • The CR Performance Check Kit allows you to verify the calibration and proper operation of the CR tester.

Test Points

256 points; expandable to 32,000 points in 256-point increments. (Max distance from base unit: 200 ft.)

Low Voltage Test

2 Wire

  • Voltage: 10 V max
  • Current:6 μA to 6 mA
  • Resistance:1 Ω to 100 kΩ ±3% ±0.1 Ω, 100 kΩ to 1 MΩ ±5%

4 Wire

  • Voltage: 10 V max
  • Current:6 μA to 6 mA
  • Resistance: .001 Ω to 100 Ω ±2% ±0.001 Ω

Component Tests

  • Diodes: 0 to 7 V
  • Resistors:1 Ω to 100 kΩ ±3%
  • Capacitors: 100 pF to 1000 μF ±10%

Max Points Per Net


Digital Input/Output

Optional with external PLC

Test Point Interface

64 point (2 row x 32 pins) 0.1” male box header

User Interface

PC Requirements

  • Test Station:0 GHz min. processor speed, Windows 7®, Windows 8.1®, or Windows 10®, 15 GB hard drive space, 4 GB RAM, 256 MB min. video memory, 1024 x 768 min display resolution, sound (for audible feedback), USB 2.0 or 3.0 port
  • Optional Network Database Server: As above except no sound or USB ports required. Windows XP®, Windows 7®, Windows 8.1®, Windows Server 2003® or Windows Server 2008® OS


115 / 230 V 50/60 Hz


5.4” x 6.6” x 2.6” (13.7 cm x 16.8 cm x 6.6 cm)


2.9 lbs (1.3 kg)