Low voltage tester ideal for field service.

Capable of performing as a shop tester, the Cirris 1000LC can also leave the shop and be powered in the field by a 9 volt battery. Test cables and harnesses anywhere to find errors and ensure quality.


  • Signature: Six-digit hexadecimal, compatible with other Cirris analyzers
  • Memory: Internal memory backup of last cable list in use, external memory on Memory Tokens, one list per token.
  • Temperature: Operates from 40 to 110°F; 5 to 45°C
  • Printer Output: RS-232 serial port using DB9 female connector; 300, 1200, 9600 baud
  • Probe: For test-point identification with probe; may be used with wrist strap to identify wires by touch. Input mates to .175″ banana jack.
  • Serial Port: *Optional*RS-232 interface. Uses DB9 female connector.
  • Display: 2 line x 16 character LCD
  • Warranty: One (1) year parts and labor. Replacement modules are generally available next working day.


  • Up to 128 points.
  • Interfacing is provided through two 64 pin, 0.1″ dual-row male headers (a probe assists in test-point identification).
  • Self-learns the wiring pattern of any type of cable or harness.
  • Tests for opens, shorts, and miswires in less than one second.
  • Easy-to-follow menu prompts you in programming and testing cables.
  • Wire lists and error lists can be displayed or printed out at the push of a button.
  • Cirris Signature Analysis
    • A six-digit “signature” is mathematically derived from an assembly’s wire list.
    • Each cable/harness will have its own unique Signature based on its own wire list.
    • The Signature of a programmed cable is compared with the original Signature to ensure correct programming.

Ideal for field service

  • Operates on either 120/220 VAC or a 9 volt battery
  • Optional carry case available.
  • Easy-to-follow menu provides prompts for programming and testing cables.
  • Can be programmed from a sample cable, internal memory, or a “Memory Token” (touch a preprogrammed token to the memory token contact on the tester).
  • Stores “last learned” cable in battery backed-up internal memory.

Memory Token AMTK-00

  • Button sized “Memory Tokens” store cable wire-lists
  • Each token stores the wire-list/twisted-pair list of one cable
  • Also stores the “last learned” cable in battery backed-up internal memory

Performance Verification

  • The 1000LC Performance Check Kit allows you to verify the calibration and proper operation of the 1000LC tester.


  • 128 points (two 64 pin .1″ dual-row headers)

Test Levels

  • 9 volts current limited to 1.8mA
  • Sensitivity: All interconnections detected at 4k ohms ±20%
  • Max Capacitance: .1µF (effective testing for unshielded cables under 5000 feet; some heavily shielded cables may be limited to shorter lengths)
  • Test Rate: .5 second per test for typical cables (<10 feet)

Other Requirements

  • Power Required: 100-135/220-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz .2 watts 9 volts.
  • Alternative power from standard 9 volt battery (NEDA 1604) 20mA drain for 25 hours on 500mA hours Alkaline battery or 5 hours on a 7.2 volt 100mA hour NiCad battery. The tester left idle will power down after five minutes.


  • 8.5″ x 5.5″ x 2.2″ (21.6 cm x 14 cm x 5.6 cm)


  • 1.2 (0.5 kg)
  • Scanner: 2.3 lbs. (1.0 kg)