Chairless Chair

Chairless Chair 2.0- The new generation

The Chairless Chair allows for quick, easy and flexible changes between sitting, standing and walking.


New features of the Chairless Chair 2.0 include:

  • A significant weight reduction of more than 25%.
  • A better size adaptation, increasing range of height from 1,50 m to 2,00 m.
  • A new design presented in continuous black – modern and slim.
  • A leaner and lighter Shoe Connector with rubber joints for more security and flexibility of motion.
  • New materials and designs for all textile parts.
  • The vest, available in two sizes, has significantly decreased body contact, is easy to adjust and provides a 4-point-fixation to the belt.
  • Optimized with regard to fitting, sizing, breathability and comfort.
  • Even more durable and comfortable.

Back up your workers’ backs: Learn more about the Chairless Chair

By now, nearly all major car manufacturers, as well as other well-known companies covering different industries worldwide, use the Chairless Chair. To ensure a smooth implementation of the product, we developed a one-of-a-kind process together with our partners in the industry that leads to an ideal implementation. A detailed workplace analysis and a face-to-face training on your premises or online makes up an important part of this process. By doing this, we not only ensure the ideal use of the Chairless Chair, we also make your employees feel comfortable with it . To learn more, simply give us a call; there are no strings attached. We are also happy to provide you with information on different financing options, such as our renting or leasing models.

The Implementation Process of the Chairless Chair