Rotating Dispenser CIRCLE MASTER CCM-3H/CCM-3T

One-touch carries out circumferential dispensing!

・It is line-up with 2 models depending on use.
・Circumferential dispensing by rotating work piece.
・Dispensing available for both inner and outer circumferences.
・We cope with change of work diameter.
・It can store dispenser under the body. (optional)

Model CCM-3H CCM-3T
Rotating part Drive system Motor control (Output: 15W)
Number of revolutions 5 – 150rpm
Rotating speed setting Analog (the volume) setting
Run period of rotation setting of the sky 0.1 – 9.9sec.
kahanshitsuryo 4 kg
Head Drive system Air cylinder drive
The Z-axis’s greatest stroke 50?
Dispensing radius range Up to a radius of 55mm (manual operation) Up to a radius of 100mm (manual operation)
kahanshitsuryo 1.5 kg
Angle adjusted Head slant (up to 45 degrees) Work table slant (up to ±30 degrees)
Air source 0.4 – 0.6MPa
Power supply, Power consumption AC100 – 240V 50/60Hz, 120W
Weight 5.7 kg 5.2 kg
Optional ・Prop (for MS-7, MS-10DX) for body padding
・Various holders
Conformity standard CE marking (low voltage order, EMC order)