CableCoiler 1450

CableCoiler 1450

Coiling Machine

The CableCoiler 1450 is a single pan coiling system that is used to coil wire, cable or tubing. It features a rotary design with moveable pins to adjust for different coiling diameters. Another unique feature of this design is the easy unloading scheme, using retracting coiling disc with and an automatic safety cover lift. The machine is very versatile and can function in one of two different operating modes

  • Coil loose rings only – for efficient offline coiling of precut materials
  • Auto coil of loose rings– as an integrated post processing accessory for use with the cut & strip machines.

Parameters and Jobs

  • Programmable parameters:
    • Cable parameters ( diameter, length in offline mode)
    • Coiling parameters (inner/outer diameter)
    • Configuration parameters (distance after cutting, speed synchronization adjustment, etc.)
  • Programmed parameters can be saved in jobs for easy and fast loading (by UI or even barcode scanner) for operation
  • Jobs can be imported/exported between coilers by USB stick


  • As the coiling disc rotates, the material is coiled around the inner pins
  • When the coiling is completed, the coiler pulls out the material from processing machine and stops
  • The coiling disc raises up and takes the coiled material out of the pins while the safety shield opens automatically so the operator can easily remove the coil
  • The unique design of coiling system ensures the safety protection during operation by doing all the rotating movements in a down position with closed and monitored cover
Raw Material Diameter Up to 16 mm (0.63”)
Workpiece Length Minimum 1,500 mm (59”)
Coil Diameter Inner Diameter 100 – 330 mm (4.0 – 13.0”)
Outer Diameter Up to 330 mm (13.0”)
Coil Weight Maximum 40 kg (88 lbs)
Coil Height Maximum 120 mm (4.7”)
Coiling Speed Offline: 1.5 – 4.8 m/s (4.9 – 15.7 ft./s) depending on coil diameter
Auto coil: Synchronized with process machine
Memory Capacity Up to 1,000 jobs
Interfaces SMI standard (I/O signals and speed information), Emergency Stop
Power Supply 100/115 VAC, 60 Hz, 230/240 VAC, 50 Hz, 1000 VA
Compressed Air Connection 6 bar (90 psi)
Weight 120 kg (266 lbs)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 610 x 700 x 1,400 mm (24 x 28 x 56“)
CE-Conformity The CableCoiler 1450 fully complies with all CE and EMC equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.
Important Note Schleuniger recommends that wire samples be submitted in cases where there is doubt as to the processing capabilities of a particular machine.