3D Automated Optical Inspection System


3D Measurements Free from Shadows and Reflections

  • The EAGLE 3D 8800 AOI uses 8-way projection for 3D measurements on all models to minimize errors due to shadow effects, and performs 100% 2D & 3D concurrently in all FOV areas.
  • This significantly reduces the false call while providing near-perfect detection.

Accurate and convenient inspection using side camera

Four high-definition cameras on the side and a dedicated algorithm optimized for both use and side inspection is available for real-time inspection.

  • 4-Way Side Camera (Optional)
  • Internal bridge detection not found in Top Camera
  • Connector internal detectable
  • Convenient Teaching Using Existing Algorithm

27 mm high part 3D measurement/inspection

EAGLE 3D AOI offers the option of inspecting up to 27 mm in height components with a unique PEMTRON technology.

▶ Advanced 3D technology
▶ Stable and Accurate 3D realization by installing additional projectors
– 3D Formation of Chip among Dense Components and Narrow Parts
– 3D image Formation identical to a Real Image
▶ Improved Repeatability
– Accurate 3D inspection makes repeatability more reliable
▶ Simultaneous Inspection Algorithm (2D and 3D)
▶ Tele-centric Lens Offers Higher Accuracy & Detection
▶ High-Speed CPU & Image Process
▶ User-Friendly GUI
▶ Built in Library Management System
▶ Offline Real-Time Debug Station
▶ 4-Way side cameras (Optional)