The Plasmatreater AS400 offers optimal conditions for laboratory work. This plasma laboratory system is ideal for determining parameters for plasma cleaning, plasma activation and nano-coating (plasma polymerization).

The point is: production does not need to be stopped for trials at the line.
  • Surface treatment prior to bonding, painting or printing
  • Ultrafine cleaning
  • Activation of polymer surfaces
  • Generation of hydrophobic polymer layers on the surface (corrosion protection, scratch-resistant)
  • Generation of hydrophilic polymer layers on the surface (adhesion improvement)
  • Generation of barrier layers

All plasma parameters required for the specific process and the desired material properties are evaluated analogous to standard production conditions and in order to be reproducible. Factors, such as speed or distance of plasma nozzles, are determined by computer and recorded.

Optionally, the AS400 can be extended to include, for example, a thread winder for experiments in the field of textiles or a roller system for experiments with tape stock such as woven goods or films.