modus AOI MLD1200-US

The offline system (single-user mode) modus AOI MLD1200-US for the printed circuit board inspection from below has a multi-LED illuminated scanner unit as well as a patented special lens which generates a parallax free picture.

The AOI includes one modus system PCs with the proprietary modus inspection software.

Our production process ISO 9000 also includes a declaration of conformity


  • Single system for the inspection of the PCBs bottom side.
  • Combination of diverse inspection tasks such as SMD placement, THTsolder joints, conformal coating and full screening for solder bead(solderballs).
  • Capture of barcode and data-matrix codes in any position and quantity onthe multi PCB.
  • Scan range 310 x 410 mm (11.8 in./15.8 in.).
Scanunit: resolution: 600 – 1200 dpi

RGB-color filter on CCD-line sensor, Color intensity 3 x 12 bit internal, 3 x 8bit external

Light source: multi-LED-illumination

Solder meniscus control with red-blue illumination under 45°,

pulse wide modulation for brightness control

achromatic lens for the parallax free picture

System Controllunit: Intel I5 3.3GHz, SSD Systemdisc, 16 GB RAM, DVD-burner, networkadaptor 2 x 1 Gb/s, 3 TB hard disc, Windows 7 professional 64Bit OS, keyboard, mouse, block keyboard, 19” TFT-screen, optional I/O card
Software: professional inspection software modus AOI 9.9 or higher

Full functionality as follows:

  • clear service with display of error position an display of error and comparison picture
  • intuitional programming with grafic surface
  • powerful and flexible test algorithmen
  • integrated statistics, traceability
  • integration in funktion tests with open interface
Operating range and resolution: Scan range 310 x 410 mm (11.8 in./15.8 in.) at 1200 dpi – Clearance BOT max 40mm

Test speed: independent of the number of parts: 25 seconds incl. calculation time
( without handling time )

PCB Fixture: Single system

Ergonomic soldering frame fixture without drawer

Various options and customized solutions can be realized

Dimension and weight: Desktop system 760 mm (29.9 in.) x 590 mm (23.2 in.) x 270 mm (10.6 in.) (lxwxh)

Weight: approx. 60 kg (132 lbs.)

Connected values and setting conditions: 230 V / 50 Hz / 1Ph or 110V / 60 Hz, power consumption of scanner 300 W

temperature: 5° C – 35° C

humidity: 10 % – 80 % non-condensing