NC280 Liquid Rework Flux

NC280 is a low-to-medium solids, no-clean liquid flux formulated to leave minimal post-process residues that are pin testable without cleaning. NC280 offers an excellent activity level with good performance on bare copper, solder coated and organic coated PWBs, leaving negligible post-process residues that are non-conductive and do not require post-process cleaning. NC280 is safe to be left on the circuit board and passes SIR in the raw state. NC280 is extremely safe for rework, palletized wave soldering and point-to-point selective soldering. NC280 has a unique chemistry and a wide process window, making it a drop-in for most no-clean and RMA wave soldering operations, including lead-free wave soldering.

– Passes SIR in Raw State
– Low-Residue
– Extremely Safe for Rework
– Halide-Free
– Wide Process Window
– Can Be Foamed, Sprayed, Misted, or Dipped
– Excellent Wetting
– Lead-Free Compatible
– Available in Industry Standard Sizes