AIM’s J8 No Clean Jetting Solder Paste is specially formulated for use with jetting equipment providing consistent solder deposits as small as 200μm. J8 is fully compatible with all AIM no clean solder pastes for use in applications where combining jetted paste deposits with printed paste deposits is required. J8 has a novel activator system providing powerful, durable wetting action accommodating a wide range of profiling producing bright shiny joints without graping defects. J8 has reduced voiding to as low as <5% on BGA and <10% on BTC ground pads.

– Capable of 200μm deposits
– Low Voiding: <5% on BGA and <10% on BTC Components
– Eliminates HiP Defects
– REACH and RoHS Compliant (Lead-Free)
– Powerful Wetting on Lead-Free Surface Finishes
– Passes Bono Testing
– Available in SAC305 and Sn63 Alloys
J8 is supplied in EFD Optimum 5cc Syringe
Barrels. Barrels should be stored refrigerated, tip down and removed from
refrigeration 4-6 hours prior to use. J8 should not be returned
to refrigeration. After opening, solder paste shelf life is
environment and application dependent