ADT-Hub Blades



Hub Blades

ADT, a worldwide leader in dicing solutions, is pleased to add a full line of Hub Blades to its wide range of products.

ADT’s Dicing Saws, Blades and Peripheral Products offers a wealth of dicing
know-how and experience accumulated over four decades. We offer
our customers a comprehensive solution – a unique blend of research,
development and process skills.
Our blades selection is comprised of the following product technologies
distinguished by type of the binder:
Resin-bond Blades
Metal-bond Blades
Nickel-bond Annular Blades
Nickel Hub Blades

ADT’s range of Hub Blades is a perfect solution for the optimization of the
dicing process for various types of materials such as: Silicon, GaAs and
other wafers.
Our Hub Blades provide:
Improved cut quality
Longer blade life
Higher UPH