ABfroid is a powerful non-corrosive refrigerant for use as a rapid and safe method of cooling small components, particularly in electrical and electronic equipment, and to detect faulty soldered joints and overheating components.

On all electrical and electronic circuitry for detection of faulty joints, for the testing of thermostats and other thermosensitive components, repairing thermometer threads and small mechanical shrink fittings.


* High pressure rapidly lowers temperature of components down to at least -50°C in a matter of seconds.

* ABfroid has been specially formulated to induce the absolute minimum of static charge possible. This avoids the potential danger of build up of highly damaging voltages on static sensitive devices that can occur with less carefully formulated products.

* Saves time – ‘dry’ joint location involves measuring electrical resistance at each joint in a faulty circuit, which is both time consuming and not always conclusive due to parallel resistance paths making measurement of true joint resistance difficult, if not impossible. Using Freezer eliminates this time consuming method.


Switch on and set up equipment so that the fault conditions caused by the ‘dry’ joint exist. Spray each joint in the circuit with the end of the extension tube approximately one inch from the joint. Spraying should continue until a layer of ‘frost’ appears on the joint, usually about 2 seconds. When the ‘dry’ joint is frozen, the fault condition will disappear but will return as the temperature of the joint returns to normal ambient.

Fractured copper tracks on PCBs can be located by spraying over the suspect area and the fracture will appear as the copper tracks contract and part.

Form: Liquid

Density: 1.22

Flashpoint: None

Boiling Point: -26.5°C

Internal pressure at 20°C  5.5 Bars