This Product, destined for insure the protection of precise parts of printed circuits, is a flexible compound to basis of copolymere weak viscosity.
The product LDM allows to obtain a mask insuring the protection during operations of manufacture, coating, assembling and wave solldering


The mask peelable LDM eliminates the risk to see the soldering to spread until contacts, e.g. terminals, heads of screws and so on…

It applies easily by manual or mechanical soaking, to the brush or by casting.

It supports until 270°C during several seconds (max 8) the necessary time for the soldering to the wave.

It doesn’t tarnish neither the gold, not the silver, neither the bronze.

Coins to protect have to be clean, without oil, grease, silicone…

To apply LDM on the part to protect, by soaking, brushing or with the beak of the supple bottle in polyethylene.

The time of drying will be in accordance with the thickness of the layer and the room temperature. A slim layer applied on the brush will dry to the air in 30 to 40 mn.

A passage to 65 or 80°C will accelerate the process of drying.

Colour : White liquid

Odour : Ammonia

Density : >1

Solubility : Soluble to the water with precipitate