Wafer Bump 3D Vision Inspection

The Industry 4.0 Smart factory Solution

  • Our technology has the ability to efficiently accumulate and aggregate examination data over a long period of time; it also constructs large amounts of data, and interprets the fundamental causes of failure through statistical methodology.
  • By managing and controlling equipment to solve problems, we have implemented smart factory that has improved processes efficiently.
  • Smart Factory was implemented based on big data analytics, multi-machine data communication, remote monitoring and control, and machine running.

SMARTRON (Remote Control and WEB control)

RMS(Remote Monitoring System) Menu

  • Statistical Chart, Process Chart, Alarm History
  • Remote View function PC remote control function
  • Provide basic information of registered systems
  • Provide all registered systems Yield, Worst, False calls, Product, Runtime.
  • Provide Remote control feature to clear alarm with RMS
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Provide Remote control feature for multiple systems
  • Possible to monitor 36 systems
  • Link-SPI-MOI-AOI Linkage
  • Review-SPC Confirm
  • Provide basic information such as Production amount,
    Model, Pass rate of registered systems

Real-Time Process Management Quality Management Solutions

  • Printer Net
    – Closed Loop Solution with Screen Printer
  • PEMTRON SPI & AOI Closed Loop Function
    – Real-time defect conf irmation
  • Mounter Net
    – Closed Loop Solution with Mounter
    – Bad Mark Mounter Sync and Adaptive Process Control
  • i-Moniter
    – Control a maximum of twelve on one monitor
    – Offset Technology of Mounting Location of Mounter, Using Data of AOI Inspection

▶ Conduct with PASS Buffer when REWORK Part with Multiple NGs
▶ Function to start manufacturing with the REWORK Parts during
▶ Apply the LOAD PORT substitute loading system during UNLOADER PART
ATM inspection
▶ AIR CHUCK Works on Both 8-inch(200mm), 12inch(300mm) WAFER
▶ Users can output and monitor the designated DATA by Using the
self-developed SPC SW, such as data, defective images,
and charts.
▶ PEMTRON SMARTRON server system allows user to view and control each
device through one operation PC to monitoring the
operational status and SPC DATA of all equipment
▶ Using 3D Inspection Methodology to process the BUMP Inspection
▶ Reduce resources to check and debug the fault defects based on the
outstanding inspection precision