The fastest. The most accurate

4080 sets new benchmarks for flying probe board testing with unparalleled productivity and test capability. 

Innovative granite chassis, combined with state-of-art linear motion technologies, offers low vibration and thermal stability, ensuring unprecedented probing precision at ultra-fast test speed.

– Up to 160 touches/sec 
– Min. Pad size: 50 μm
– 8 Multi-Jig Flying Heads 
– Full test coverage
– Granite chassis
– Compact footprint: 2.2 m2 (23.7 ft2)
– Very easy to use App-based software
– Inline, Manual or Automatic board loading from magazine

Up to 160 touches/sec are delivered by very high speed Linear Motors on each X-Y-Z axis. The highest positioning accuracy is guaranteed by sub-micron resolution Linear Optical Encoders on each X-Y-Z axis, making 4080 suitable to touch 50 μm pad at high speed and without leaving marks on it.

Full test coverage is provided by a complete range of test capabilities integrated in the 4080, and by the highest available measurement accuracy offered by “Flying Tester Technology”: a complete forcing/measurement board integrated in each axis.

4080 footprint is very compact: 2.15m2 for inline model.