Needle-type dispensing system NEEDLE SPOTTER 350PC

Super very small dottingu, most small diameter φ 50μm

Long-awaited solution for super microdispensing processes such as conductive / insulating properties liquid materials, sealant, water solution in study, trial manufacture development of MEMS and sensor device.
We realize super very small RBI dispensing which adopts new dispensing mechanism, and transcended the results, common sense conventionally.
As for desktop type dispensing system “IMAGE MASTER 350PC Smart” with image recognition position revision function becoming industry standard of precisely coating applicator and this system which we jointed, all 350PC function and high accuracy of position dispensing which not only utility is usable, but also is required by super minimum RBI dispensing, super narrowness GAP control are possible.

・Smallest RBI diameter : Approximately 50μm
・Application viscosity range : 1-50,000 mPa, s
・Super narrow GAP control by precisely height measurement
・High Dispensing position accuracy by exclusive camera cognitive function
・Total system of compact size