Particularly high level of protection

Due to 2K encapsulation

Particularly high level of protection due to 2K encapsulation

Dispensing and coating system ProtectoXP from Rehm Thermal Systems enables 2K encapsulation


Protecting sensitive assemblies reliably, safely and in the best possible way from external influences is still important in modern electronics manufacturing. Yet continuing development and miniaturisation in electronics are creating ever more complex assemblies that call for an even more precise level of protection. With the ProtectoXP, Rehm Thermal Systems offers a dispensing and coating system on which 2K encapsulation is possible for a particularly high protective effect.


Corrosion, moisture and vibration are just some of the hazards that can cause damage to an assembly from outside. To protect individual components or indeed the entire assembly, however, these can be coated with a protective lacquer after soldering. Selective, automatic coating of electronic assemblies with a protective lacquer, a process known as ‘conformal coating’, offers numerous possibilities here.


The Protecto lacquering systems from Rehm Thermal Systems, for example, have multifunctional lacquer applicator units that can apply the lacquer by spraying, dispensing or jet, to suit the application – even in narrow gaps between components. For the ProtectoXP there is a wide range of applicators available, through which it is possible to select the right equipment for the corresponding application and thus always to achieve the best possible result. From these applicators up to four can be used simultaneously, for example the 2K system.


In this volumetric dosing system, two different material components – irrespective of whether they are high or low in viscosity – are applied uniformly and without pulsation, and independently of any fluctuations in pressure, temperature or viscosity. A 2K encapsulation of this kind is always used when a particularly high level of protection is required. The volumetric operating principle of the applicators ensures that the correct quantity of material in the correct mixing ratio is delivered every time, irrespective of temperature or fluctuations in pressure.

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