Panasonic Partner Day June 2021

Success Story

Panasonic nominated INCORPORA TECHNO – SMT World Wide in Europe for one of the success stories for the excellent new TC.

Last Tuesday, June 1, Panasonic celebrated its “First Panasonic Partner Day in 2021”.

It is at this event that the success story of INCORPORA TECHNO – SMT World Wide was exposed as the first “Smart Factory Demo” in Europe.

With particular emphasis on the Process Tracker Industry 4.0 from Panasonic.

INCORPORA TECHNO is leader in the development of equipment and machinery for electronics and microelectronics manufacturing processes.

The objectives of our project are based on customers and suppliers experiencing the benefits of Industry 4.0 from our factory with the robotic automation processes through Artificial Intelligence that allows monitoring and exhaustive control of production processes autonomously and from anywhere in the world.

Pioneer in Europe, unique in worldwide

The new exhibition and demonstration plant has an area of ​​2,700 m2, we have different manufacturing, assembly and production lines:

  • Prototype line for test trials and small productions of PCB manufacturing
  • SMT-SMD-THT lines
  • Backend Line
  • Storage Solutions – Consumables & Material Management
  • Automation through Artificial Intelligence
  • PPE – Demo-Laboratory

In addition, we offer specialized training consulting services by our expert engineers to increase productivity and enhance industrial engineering and design competencies.

  • Continuous training classroom through courses, seminars, workshops (they are taught in different modalities)
  • We offer coverage to demand with machinery renting services and turnkey financial solutions.
  • We offer industrial customers a place to test and manufacture their new products.
  • We offer suppliers a place to test their new equipment
  • We offer technological solutions for supply, manufacturing and production

Click on the image to watch the video:

Demo Smart Factory in Cubelles (Barcelona)