More safety in medical technology

Dispensing systems

More safety in medical technology with Rehm dispensing systems

Automated, reliable and traceable bonding and casting with Protecto

Increasing cost pressure in medical technology is causing a change from manual small series production to a fully automated process. Thanks to the dispensing and coating systems of the Protecto series from Rehm Thermal Systems, the industry benefits from reduced cycle times combined with increased process reliability, which is particularly important for the medical electronics sector, because the potentially error-prone manual process is eliminated. Secure traceability of all process-relevant parameters and extensive monitoring of manufactured assemblies ensure additional safety.

The innovative Protecto dosing system from the extensive portfolio of Rehm Thermal Systems can be flexibly adapted to individual customer requirements. Various applicators are available for this purpose, depending on the application.

The right applicator for reliable material application

Because UV and cyanoacrylate adhesives are used increasingly in the medical industry, it is important to note a few special features in applicator technology. For example, diaphragm valves are beneficial, especially using appropriate configurations, because they prevent adhesives having to come into harmful contact with metallic contact surfaces. They are also beneficial because they are very low-maintenance and cost-effective.

In medical technology, diaphragm valves are mainly used for applying cyanoacrylates. Here, it is advisable to use dosing needles with an internal PFTE guide. Bonding of material residues and better thread breakage can be achieved, thanks to the low surface tension.

There are other widely used applicator types in the medical industry are volumetric dosing valves, such as eccentric screw valves. These provide the huge benefit of working very evenly, pulsation-free and very reproducibly irrespective of any pressure or viscosity fluctuations.

Dispensing and hardening in one operation

The ever-increasing acceptance of UV adhesives on the market means that there is now a huge number of different curing systems for UV adhesives. For this purpose, Rehm Thermal Systems provides, among other things, the opportunity of implementing the UV source directly into the dosing cell. As a result, the dosing and hardening process can be achieved within one system and, accordingly, footprint can be saved. Furthermore, a UV source with different wavelengths must be used, because each adhesive contains a specific photoinitiator, which must be addressed with the correct wavelength to activate the crosslinking and thus the curing of the adhesive.

Ensuring permanent process control

A large number of options for process control are available, ensuring that production is carried out within the defined tolerances both during the dosing process and for the traceability of each product. This includes, for example, the optionally available load cell which helps define the right variable test cycle for checking the dosing volume. A possible offset of the nozzle needle in X, Y or Z orientation can be detected and corrected fully automatically by using a needle measuring cross. The camera system makes it possible to detect the position of the component to be applied by using automated tracking of the corresponding dosing process. The camera can also be used to detect unoccupied spaces in a product carrier and leave out a corresponding dosing process. In addition, a data matrix or serial number can be read via the camera system and the process parameters can thus be assigned to a defined module.

Images attached: Protecto System, UV-Spot, needle measuring cross (Rehm Thermal Systems).

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