Coating Process Inspection


Quality through process control

Quality through process control

  • varnish zone (area)
  • varnish splashes (completely) up to 100pm
  • recognition of DMC / barcode on the verification side without additional reader

High inspection depth and large test facility

  • high-resolution color scanner
  • multi-color LED lighting
  • real 24-bit color, 14.040×20.400 Pixels per scan
  • Test range: max. 420mm * 550mm
  • High speed: 25mm/sec
  • Achromatic lens for parallax free display

Simple user interface

  • Indication of fault location and display of error and comparison image
  • Identical presentation to the test system and repair stations
  • Fault is easily assigned by pressing the statistics button
  • Training of operators within minutes

Statistics and process control

  • Traceability by evaluating barcode/2D-Code/RFlD
  • Cost savings due to fast process optimization
  • Intuitive test plan creation
  • GUI
  • Powerful and flexible test algorithms

Line integration

  • Inspection of the PCB bottom side without flip unit
  • Seamless integration into the manufacturing process behind the selective and wave soldering system
  • Double-sided inspection of varnish inside line cycle time within one unit
  • Flexible repair station concepts
  • Easy integration into the placement line
  • Data mapping by barcode/2D-Code/RFlD


  • Easy handling with drawer and variable PCB fixtures modus high-tech electronics GmbH